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What you need to successfully outsource an electronic product

  • Subcontracting for design expertise

  • How to optimise Time to Market & Total Cost of Ownership

  • Long-term vision for mass production

  • Outsourcing in order to create innovation & value

Want to find the best solutions to outsource your electronic manufacturing services ? Look no further.

In a world that is committed to the path of exponential digitalization, the industrial ecosystem is facing various major structural challenges.

Economic and financial issues are exacerbated by an acceleration in Time to Market. Companies that lead projects need to be able to rely on accepted partners in order to innovate and produce products and electronic features together.

Continuous evolution of expectations and accelerated technological change risk the rapid obsolescence of the products created by project leaders. When it comes to the industrial production of electronic products, strategic choices need to be made right from the design stage.

Even if companies have their own internal engineering office, they sometimes have difficulty gathering and combining talent. To effectively deal with circumstances that are made even more critical by globalized competition, the richness of the “innovation” ecosystem is crucial.

The Electronics Activity of LACROIX works alongside project leaders, mobilising their teams and multi-skilled talent so that they can keep their promise to be demanding, ambitious and committed to sustainable innovation.

Successful sub-contracting of an electronic product presupposes a climate of mutual trust. However, subcontracting is a choice that can be tricky.

LACROIX explains, with facts and analyses, why, how, and to what extent you will be able to innovate more quickly, effectively and in a more sustainable manner if you are supported by end-to-end support, from the design of your electronic products right through to their production.

It's time to find your EMS partner.